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Mat Styles

MUSEUM MATTING Typically white, black or pale neutral colors. The art is often placed in the upper area leaving a very large lower margin. Often museums use this style when mounting a collection of different size pieces using frames of uniform size. Especially suitable on small images. WEIGHTED BOTTOM MAT Equal borders on the top and sides, extra width on bottom border. The amount […]

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Frame Types

FRAMES Perhaps the easiest way to frame pictures yourself is to use ready-made frames and make mats to fit the frame and the art. Frames are available in a wide variety of shapes, styles, finishes and materials. Frames are sold in art supply, photography, hobby and craft supply stores as well as some department and discount stores, and, of course, […]

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Matboard Types

BOARDS FOR FRAMING In picture framing, the term “board” generally refers to various types of paper board sheets. Boards are used formatting, backing, mounting, and filler. They are made especially for picture framing. There are acids in many papers and boards, especially those made from wood pulp. Acids can cause paper and boards to turn yellow and deteriorate (think […]

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Selecting a Color

To choose mat colors, consider the three most often used criteria: A. The art—mat colors based on the characteristics of the artwork: its colors, textures and subject matter. B. The background—how the artwork will coordinate with its intended surroundings. C. Personal preferences—such as favorite colors. THE ART Ideally, the artwork and the framing that displays it […]

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Reading Artwork

DESIGNING YOUR PICTURE FRAMING Wait. Wait just one minute. Don’t go out and buy that stuff. You’d be making a mistake. Resist the urge. Sit down and take a look at what you’re framing. That’s what it’s all about. The art of picture framing is about the framing of art, so that’s where it starts—not with the […]

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Trends in Matting Design

Grace and subtlety are the watchwords when it comes to designs in matting today.  The trend is decidedly away from the flamboyant embellishments of previous decades toward a striking yet subdued expression that finds its greatest expression in larger, thicker mats, as well as restrained enhancements such as float mounts and hover affects. Where in […]

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