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Mounting Needle Art

Needle art can be mounted quickly and easily with acid-free needlework tape. To better preserve needle art and keep it out of contact with adhesive, you may want mount it by pinning and lacing. Cut a sheet of 3/16″ thick foamboard about 3 inches smaller on each dimension than your canvas.

Arrange some cotton batting in the middle of the foamboard and then place your canvas face up on top of it. Stretch your canvas around the edges of the foamboard uniformly at each edge and insert straight pins through the canvas into the soft core of the foamboard (Figure Y‑4). After pinning, many framers also lace the needlework across the back of the foamboard in a crisscross fashion.


For the greatest flexibility in mounting 3-dimensional objects, your mounting surface should be foamboard. You will, of course, want to cover it with an attractive fabric like velvet or felt, but you will need the soft, workable nature of foamboard to employ the widest range of mounting methods. To mount loose items like necklaces, handkerchiefs and scarves, sew them to the surface of the mounting board using invisible thread and a pilot needle. For sports jerseys and other apparel, insert a sheet of cardboard or matboard into the item to give it form and stability, then sew through the item and into the foamboard. For balls and other round objects, make a shallow crater in the surface of the foamboard, cut away a small circle in the fabric over the crater, apply a dollop of silicone rubber sealer, and press the object in place. For cups, jars and other open-mouthed objects, cut a hole in the foamboard, slit the fabric over the hole and imbed the object in the surface. For knives, guns, spoons and plates, there are acrylic fixtures called Mighty Mounts that are designed to be anchored into foamboard to hold such objects. Mighty Mounts can be used for a wide range of other objects you may wish to mount.

Figure Y-4: Stretch your canvas around the edges of the foamboard and insert straight pins into the core along each edge.

Figure Y-4: Stretch your canvas around the edges of the foamboard and insert straight pins into the core along each edge.