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A simple method to t-hinge mount artwork into a mat

Mounting artwork into a pre-cut mat

Supplies needed:
Pre-cut mat with opening cut for artwork to be mounted
Framers acid-free mounting tape

Step 1.
Create a clean work area. Remove any dirt and dust from the area and its recommended to wear light cotton gloves when handling the artwork so as not smudge or smear anything from your fingers.

Step 2.
Insure that the opening cut on the mat lines up properly with the artwork. Do that by laying the artwork flat on your work table and placing the mat over it to see that the borders are cut to size properly.

Step 3.
Cut off four pieces of framers acid free mounting tape at roughly
1 1/2” in length each but do not remove the backing.
Step 4.
Place art work face down on your work table. At the top of the art work on
the back side, apply two tape strips adhesive side down along the top
edge of the artwork as shown.
Fig. 1
Step 5.
Apply the other two tape strips adhesive side down crossing the first two
pieces as shown into the shape of upside down T’s.
Fig. 2
Step 6.
Gently flip the artwork over being careful of the exposed adhesive tape.
Looking straight down onto the artwork, slowly lower the pre-cut mat
down aligned with the opening and allow the tape to gently attach to the
back of the pre-cut mat. Allowing only gentle contact with the tape at first
allows you to sperate and reposition the mat if necessary.
Step 7.
Once the mat has been properly aligned onto the artwork, gently flip the
mat over and with your fingers, press and smooth out the tape pieces so
they can properly adhere. Any excess tape hanging over the top edge of
the mat can be trimmed away with a hobby knife. Your artwork is now
properly t-hinge mounted and ready for framing.
Fig. 3


TIP: Only apply tape to the top edge of
the artwork so that it “hinges” into the
opening of the mat. This allows the
artwork to expand and contract or
“breathe” as necessary with various
temperatures and prevent wrinkling in
the frame. Use only a quality acidfree framers tape that will not dry out
and release out nor burn the artwork
over time.