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Cutting a Double Inlay Mat


This example will make an 8” x 10” oval opening with a 1” inlay.

1. Trim two pieces of 11” x 14” matboard.
White will be the top mat.
Black will be the inlay mat.

2. Draw two lines with pencil on the face of the White mat—one vertical, one horizontal—which intersect at right angles in the precise position where the center of the oval is desired.

3. Set the adjustable slide scale at 2”.

4. Set the scale arm to 9”.

5. Position the base on the front of the White mat so that the indicator notches line up with the intersecting lines. Press the base down and cut an oval. (See Cutting an Oval). IMPORTANT: Do not make any adjustments to the scale arm. It is essential that the dimensions for the oval remain exactly the same for the next cut.

6. Center the base on the face of the Black mat. Press the base down and cut an oval. Keep the fallout.

7. Adjust the scale arm to 8”.

8. In the fallout piece of the Black mat there will be four holes which were made by the base pins. Position the base in the holes, press down and cut an oval.

9. Take the resulting ring and fit it flush into the window opening of the White mat. Tape the pieces together on the back.