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Cutting a Double Oval Mat

This example will make a 7 .”x 9 .” oval opening mat with a .” liner.

1. Trim two matboards to 11” x 14”:
Gray for the top mat
White for the liner mat

2. Apply double-sided tape to the face of the White mat, placing a small strip on each of the four sides of the face as near as possible to the edge of the mat.

3. Carefully align the outside edges of the Gray top mat and the White liner mat and press them together, adhering the back of the Gray mat to the face of the White mat.

4. Draw two intersecting lines on the face of the Gray mat. They should intersect exactly where the center of the double oval is desired.

5. Set the adjustable slide scale at 2”.

6. Set the scale arm at 8”.

7. Position the base of the front of the mat so that the indicator notches line up with the intersecting lines. Press the base down and cut an oval. (See Cutting an Oval on page 54).

8. Remove the base to allow the fallout to drop out. The White mat will not be cut and the indentations from the base will be present.

9. Set the scale arm for 7 .”.

10. Position the base in the indentations previously made and cut an oval in the White matboard.