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Cutting a Roman Mat

Arched mats are made by combining a circle or oval mat opening with a square or rectangular mat opening.

Arched mats have an elegant, traditional character. Try them on formal photos or classic art images.

1. Trim a matboard to 11” x 14”.

2. On the face of the matboard, measure and mark 5 ½” from the sides, and 5 .” from the top. This will be the starting position for the oval.

3. Cut a 5” x 7” oval (see Cutting an Oval on page 54). Tape the dropout back in place with removable tape. This supports the matboard while the remaining cuts are made.

4. On the back of the matboard, measure and mark 2 ½” on the sides and bottom, 4 ½” on the top.

5. Using the straight line mat cutter, cut all four sides of the rectangle.