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Cutting Single Mat Using a Straight Edge


A single mat is the most basic type of mat. It is a single piece of matboard with one opening cut into it.

1. Trim the matboard to size.

2. Using a pencil and T-square, measure and mark the back of the matboard. Let the lines overlap at the corners, so the intersections are clearly visible.

3. Place the mat face down on a piece of scrap matboard that is larger than the board that is to be cut.

4. Slide both boards to the closest edge of the table.

5. Set the T-square on the penciled line. Leaning against the head of the T-square will help to hold it in position while cutting the mat.

6. Set the cutter against the T-square and line up the guide line on the cutting head with the horizontal pencil line.

7. If mat cutter style #1100 or #2000 is being used, insert the blade and push the blade and handle towards the top, stopping at the horizontal line.

If style #2000 or #4000 is being used, start at the top horizontal line, insert the blade into the matboard and pull the cutting head towards the bottom horizontal line.

Cut all four sides in the same manner. Be careful to stop and start accurately to make neat corners.

Logan #1100 Freestyle hand-held cutter

Logan #2000 Push-Style hand-held cutter

Logan #4000 Pull-Style Deluxe hand-held cutter