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How do I cut a 40″ (101cm) piece of matboard when my Logan Compact mat cutter is only 32″ (81cm)?

Good Question! The Logan #301 Compact Board Mounted Mat Cutter was intended as a portable, no-frills and affordable but compact version of a full size mat cutter. It makes a great tool for those just starting out or those who cut a few mats and don’t need a full size mat cutter. The fact that it’s small and lightweight makes it easy to transport and store but it will still deliver professional quality mats. The base board has a full length of 32″ (81cm) and comes with a parallel Mat Guide and Guide Rail. Available with a bevel cutter, bevel and straight cutter or with no cutting heads at all, the Logan #301 Compact has become the world’s biggest selling mat cutter. Now everyone knows that matboard comes 32″ x 40″ (81cm x 101cm). So the question is, how do you cut a 40″ (101cm) piece with the #301 Compact? Easy.

The #301 Compact was designed as an “open end” mat cutter. Without a squaring arm or similar device attached to the base board, a piece of matboard can slide through the length of the machine. For example, if you wanted a 2-1/2″ (6.35cm) border on a 40″ (101cm) piece of matboard, first set the Mat Guide on the 2-1/2″ (6.35cm) mark and draw the lines on the back of the mat. Start your cut from the bottom as you always would by inserting the blade and sliding the cutting head down the length of the rail. You will get to a point where the cutting head has reached the end of the Guide Rail but there is still 8″ (20.32cm) of matboard to cut that is hanging off the end of the base board. Stop cutting but leave the cutting head with the blade still down in the matboard. With your free hand, grip the edge of the matboard nearest you and slide the matboard, backing sheet and bevel cutting head still in place as far back as necessary to finish the cut. This method of cutting and sliding will allow any length of matboard to be cut. Even 60″ (152cm) board!

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