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Mounting Needle Art

Needle art can be mounted quickly and easily with acid-free needlework tape. To better preserve needle art and keep it out of contact with adhesive, you may want mount it by pinning and lacing. Cut a sheet of 3/16″ thick foamboard about 3 inches smaller on each dimension than your canvas. Arrange some cotton batting in the middle of the foamboard and then place your canvas face up on top of it. Stretch your canvas around the edges of the foamboard uniformly at each edge and insert straight pins through the canvas into the soft core of the foamboard (Figure Y‑4). After pinning, many framers also lace the needlework across the back of the foamboard in a crisscross fashion.


Figure Y-4: Stretch your canvas around the edges of the foamboard and insert straight pins into the core along each edge.