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Proper Cutting Technique: #201 Oval & Circle Mat Cutter

Operating the Logan #201 Oval & Circle Mat Cutter may seem awkward the first time. When rotating the cutting arm in a clockwise direction it seems natural to switch your hand placement on the base and cutting arm. If you’re not careful this can cause the base of the mat cutter to be lifted out of the center of the mat and the cut will not line up as it comes around. A simple way to avoid this problem is not to switch hands at all but instead rotate the mat and cutter. Instead of switching hands, leave your left hand on the base and rotate the entire mat and mat cutter back up to the two o’clock position. This way your left hand never leaves pressure off the base and prevents it from lifting out of the mat.

Start with your left hand on the base and your right hand on the scale arm.
Pull the cutting head around from the two o’clock position to the five o’clock position.
With your left hand holding onto the base only, twist the mat cutter and mat so the scale arm is back to the two o’clock position and continue.

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