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Trimming Matboard to Size with Straight Edge


Trimming matboards to size manually requires a straightedge or T-square, a hand-held cutter, and a sturdy, flat worktable.

Lay the matboard face down on the table.  Measure and mark the sizes required on the back of the matboard using a pencil and an accurate rule.

To trim the board to size:

1. Lay a scrap of matboard on the table surface and set the measured matboard face down on top of the scrap board.

2. Set the T-square in place on one of the penciled lines.

3. Set the cutting head on the edge of the rule, insert the blade into the board, and pull the cutter.  Be careful as the cutter comes close to the edge of the table.

If a board is very thick, a couple of passes may be taken on the same cut to get all the way through; it is not necessary to cut through a board in one swipe.

4. Check the board for squareness.  Trim if necessary.  Making a perfect mat begins with a perfect board.

Use the straight cutter to trim matboards.