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Glass & Plexi Cutting Tool
Glass & Plexi Cutters
F503 Glass & Plexi Cutting Tool
  • Size glass or plexi acrylic
  • Fully scaled 32" rail with scale
  • L‑shaped squaring bar
  • Glass Cutter Elite
  • Cutting fluid
  • Acrylic Plastic Cutter
  • Grease pencil

This product has been discontinued.

Complete kit to size glass or plexi acrylic used in general picture framing. Includes fully scaled 32" (81 cm) rail with scale, L‑shaped squaring bar, rubberized base, 704‑1 Glass Cutter Elite with 1 oz (3 ml) bottle of cutting fluid, 709‑1 Acrylic Plastic Cutter, and grease pencil for marking glass.

Uses 786 Replacement Cutting Wheels.

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