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Installing Hanging Wire and Bumper Pads

Traditional braided picture wire provides the necessary strength for hanging but tends to fray at the ends, jabbing the user. Zerlon coating is a type of plastic coating that effectively keeps the wire from unbraiding while allowing the wire to retain its pliability. Zerlon-coated hanging wire comes in three strengths: 19 lb., 25 lb. and 43 lb. Each strength is a […]

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Installing Hanging Hardware

Several options exist for hanging your artwork, but the preferred method is picture hanging wire because it provides the greatest ease and flexibility with artwork of any size. Traditionally screweyes have been used for attaching hanging wire to the frame, but in recent years strap hangers with D‑rings have grown in popularity because they lie flat against the back of the dust […]

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Installing a Dust Cover

The dust cover is the paper that covers and seals the back of the frame. In addition to preventing dust and insects from getting inside the interior space, it conceals the inner workings from clients and provides a nice finishing touch. This is where many frame shops put their promotional stickers. Installing a dust cover is entirely optional. If you are […]

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