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Cutting a Stepped Corner Mat–Basics


An offset mat creates a notch in each corner of the mat opening. The notch is created by working with two different cutting lines. The size of the notch is determined by the distance between the two cutting lines.

The example shown here makes a 1/4” notch in each corner. The directions may seem a bit confusing at first, but follow the steps and the logic will soon become clear.

1. Trim a matboard to 11” x 14”.

2. Measure and mark the back of the mat (as shown). There will be two sets of lines: one set is 3” from the edge of the board, the second set is 3 .” from the edge.

3. Set the mat guide at 3”. Insert the board face down and cut the two long sides, being careful to start and stop at the 3 .” top and bottom measurements.

4. Cut the two short sides, stopping at the 3 .” mark. The center will not drop out.

5. Reset the guide at 3 .”. Insert the matboard face down and cut four more sides, connecting the cuts to form the angle corner

How to cut an offset corner mat