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Cutting a V-Groove with the Tape-and-Flip Method


V-grooves are cut into the matboard by directing bevel cuts to face each other, creating a “V” shape.

This cutting exposes the core of the board providing an accent line around the mat opening.

1. Set guide rail for a 2″ border.

2. Mark a 2″ border with pencil.

3. Insert the matboard face down into cutter and cut three sides.

4. Before cutting the fourth side, place Scotch Magic Tape over the three cuts to keep the center from dropping out.

5. Cut the fourth side.

6. Lift mat out of cutter, flip over and place back into the cutter, face up.

7. Do not change the 2″ border setting. Insert the cutting head at the intersection of the existing cut and guide the cutter along the cut. Cut all four sides.

8. The center will drop out— tape it back in and reset the guide bar for 3″.

9. Place the taped board back into the cutter face down. Cut the mat as usual. The center will drop out. The result is a 3″ border mat with a V-groove 1″ from the window opening.

V-grooves can be cut easily with a V-groove attachment that fits onto many models of Logan mat cutters.