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Presentation versus Preservation: The True Meaning of Conservation and Archival Framing

Quick.  Answer this.  What is conservation and archival framing? If you’re like most people, your answer will be something along the lines of, “The assurance that the value of your artwork will be safeguarded by proper framing.” And, like most people, you will be wrong. To get at the true meaning of conservation and archival […]

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Cut the Positionable Mounting Adhesive (PMA) so it

How to Mount Artwork Using Positionable Mounting Adhesive (PMA)

When considering the proper way to mount artwork, you might think that protecting the artwork’s long term value is of paramount importance.  Some artwork, however, is not worth protecting, either because it is already acidic and therefore will deteriorate in any case, given enough time, or because it can be readily reproduced and is therefore […]

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