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Logan 301-1
Compact Classic
Board Mounted Mat Cutters
301-1 Compact Classic
  • 32" (81.3 cm) capacity
  • Bevel cutter for use on standard thickness mat board
  • Mat knife for straight cuts
  • Parallel mat guide
  • Spring loaded guide rail
  • Built‑in carry handle in box

The Compact Classic is a versatile, portable 32" (81cm) capacity mat cutter that provides affordable and professional results. The capacity of mat board between the hinges accommodates up to 32" (81cm) but being an open end machine, the length of a cut can be infinite by cutting and sliding the material through the length of the machine.

Includes parallel mat guide for setting border widths from 3/4" (1.9 cm) to 4‑5/16" (11 cm), spring loaded serrated guide rail, push style bevel cutting head with start and stop indicator, mat knife for downsizing mat board and foam board, built‑in carry handle in box, five extra blades, and a fully illustrated matting instruction guide. The 301‑1 Compact Classic is ideal for low volume, at‑home framers.

Uses 270 Replacement Blades.

Logan 301-1
Logan makes tools for everyone.
Light Usage: designed for crafters & hobbyists
All Purpose Usage: ideal for artists, photographers, serious crafters
Heavy Duty Usage: engineered for high production implementations such as professional framers & educational facilties
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