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Logan 450-1
Artist Elite
Board Mounted Mat Cutters
450-1 Artist Elite
  • 40" (101 cm) capacity
  • Bevel & straight cutting heads
  • Bevel cutter for use on standard thickness mat board
  • Hinged aluminum guide rail
  • Two guide rail production stops
  • Squaring bar to hold mat board square
  • 20" (51cm) removable measuring bar with stop
  • Parallel mat guide in aluminum channels

The Artist Elite is a 40" (101cm) capacity board mounted mat cutting system. Includes parallel mat guide in aluminum channels, 90 degree squaring bar, 20" (51cm) removable measuring bar, production stops, hinging guide rail, improved 701‑1 Straight Cutter Elite, Pull Style Bevel cutter, and five blades. The 450‑1 Artist Elite is an excellent mat cutter for moderate volume at‑home framers needing a standard capacity machine.

Uses 270 Replacement Blades.

Logan 450-1
Logan makes tools for everyone.
Light Usage: designed for crafters & hobbyists
All Purpose Usage: ideal for artists, photographers, serious crafters
Heavy Duty Usage: engineered for high production implementations such as professional framers & educational facilties
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