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Logan's Complete Guide to Picture Framing
Adjusting your mat cutter for proper blade depth
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Introduction to Picture Framing & Matting
Designing Your Picture Frames and Mats
Measuring and Sizing Picture Frames and Mats
Costs of Picture Framing
DIY Picture Frames
Mat Cutting
Mat Cutter Choices
Mat Cutting Help, Troubleshooting and FAQs
Mounting Your Artwork
Glazing with Glass and Plastic
Securing or Fitting your Artwork in a Picture Frame
Finishing Your Artwork

1. Hold the bevel cutter upside down in your hand with the blade activated in the cutting position.

2. Looking at the tip of the blade, measure the exposed amount with a ruler at the same angle as the blade. For standard thickness mat board (4 ply) only 1/8" (0.3175cm) of blade should be seen. To adjust, find the screw head recessed below the bottom of the surface of the cutting head near where the blade is coming out.

3. Turning the screw to the right (clockwise) will decrease the blade depth, the left (counterclockwise) will increase the blade depth. Not all matboard requires 1/8" (0.3175cm). Thicker matboard will require more. Always have the blade depth set so that the backing sheet is scored only slightly. This test and adjustment needs to be done periodically as mat board has many variances of thickness and the depth can increase itself over time with regular use.

4. Another way to test your blade depth is to examine your backing sheet after making a cut. The blade tip should just score into the top of the backing sheet. Cutting even half way through the backing sheet is entirely too much blade.

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