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Logan's Complete Guide to Picture Framing
Cutting a Notched Oval Mat
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Introduction to Picture Framing & Matting
Designing Your Picture Frames and Mats
Measuring and Sizing Picture Frames and Mats
Costs of Picture Framing
DIY Picture Frames
Mat Cutting
Mat Cutter Choices
Mat Cutting Help, Troubleshooting and FAQs
Mounting Your Artwork
Glazing with Glass and Plastic
Securing or Fitting your Artwork in a Picture Frame
Finishing Your Artwork

This shape can provide an old-fashioned feeling. Try it on old photographs or prints. It also looks great on Asian-themed artwork.

1. Trim an 11" x 14" matboard

2. Place the board face down in the cutter and cut a 2 ." border on all four sides.

3. Replace the fallout and tape along the cuts on the back of the board.

4. Draw two lines on the face of the mat that intersect at right angles in the center of the board.

5. On the Oval Cutter, Set the adjustable slide scale to 3".

6. Set the scale arm to 8".

7. Position the base on the front of the mat so that the indicator notches line up with the intersecting lines drawn on the board. Press the base down and cut an oval. (See Cutting an Oval on page 54).

8. After the fallout piece falls free, remove any remaining tape from the back of the mat.

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