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If you are considering buying a mat cutter, a Logan Simplex Mat Cutter may be just the thing for you.  Perhaps you know someone who owns a Simplex and is pleased with it, or perhaps you've heard good things about the Simplex through product reviews and word of mouth.

But if you are thinking about buying a Simplex you may find the whole experience confusing right now.  The Simplex series has been upgraded and modified.  Model numbers have changed and prices have been adjusted.

When I say adjusted, I am not being coy.  The fact is, prices for comparable Simplex models have actually been lowered – dramatically lowered.  What's more, the price for a standard Simplex mat cutter actually buys you more now – much more.

Confused yet?

Let me see if I can make some sense of this for you.

From Classic to Elite - Improvements and Additions

The standard 40" Simplex Plus mat cutter previously had the model number 750.  This was the most popular Simplex mat cutter and what most people owned.  Prior to July of 2011 it had a list price of  $399.95 but often sold for much less.

This mat cutter is now called the Simplex Classic mat cutter and has the model number 550-1.  The good news?  Its list price is $100 lower.  The suggested list is now $299.95.

The 60" version of this same mat cutter is the Model 560-1 and has a suggested list of $399.95.  That's right.  You can now buy a 60" version of this mat cutter at the same price a 40" version used to cost.

So what happened to the Model number 750, you might ask?

It still lives.  It is now the Model 750-1.  It's called the Simplex Elite mat cutter and provides much more in the way of accessories than the old 750 Simplex Plus used to.

In addition to the usual bevel and straight cutting tools for cutting mat board, the Simplex Elite includes a glass cutter, an acrylic/Plexiglass cutter, a paper trimmer and an 8-ply cutter for cutting double thick mat board.  This makes the Simplex Elite the most versatile all-purpose cutting system ever introduced by Logan.

To get the same kind of versatility in another mat cutter would cost hundreds more.  So what does the Simplex Elite cost?

The suggested list price is $399.95.  Believe it or not, this is the same price the old model 750 Simplex Plus used to cost.  While it is not my intention to make a sales pitch here, I have to say, this is one heck of a deal.

The 60" version of this same mat cutter is the Model 760-1 and lists at $499.95

So there you have it, a breakdown and explanation of the new Simplex models.  If you are still confused, give Logan a call.

Bottom line.  The new Simplex mat cutters are more versatile and less expensive than before.  Enjoy.

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